Sunday, January 18, 2009

Guitar history

Guitar - a musical instrument of the lute family. Guitar history extends far into the thousands and has its roots in the Ancient East.

First image in the form of musical instrument resembling a guitar modern humanity has seen during the excavations of the temple of Bel Nuffare (Nipure) which is located on the territory of the former Sumero-Babylonia. These instruments were only vaguely similar to the modern guitar. Since they were quite different from the modern guitar shape. They also owned or had a lot of strings, bringing them to the harp, or vice versa so little that the old guitar was like a bow.

The evolution of the guitar took place before the rise of musical culture in the Renaissance. At this time the Spanish guitar became popular musical instrument. Guitar in Spain consisted of five strings. Five string guitar starts to compete with lute and vihuela.

In the history of the development was a lot of guitar virtuosos such as: G. Sanz (1640-1710); F. Corbett (1620-1681), served at the court of Spanish, French and English kings, and his disciple R. de Bizet (1650-1725 ), the court guitarist and lutanist French King Louis XIV; F. Campione d'Italia (1686-1748) and many others.

And mankind live to see the beautiful moment when the guitar took its final form (resembling a figure eight or the perfect woman), and it appeared the sixth string. This happened 18 th century.

From that moment on guitar begins to be promoted in all countries of the world.

In the first half of the 19 century begins not so much "gold" and "platinum" Century guitar. The world gave us such musical composers as Franz Schubert, Berlioz, C. M. Weber.

And now guitar was no less popular in the world than ever before. It only gets more and more popular.