Sunday, September 13, 2009

Nylon strings problem

I propose to talk today about the nylon string. To be more precise about the basic problem of nylon strings. The main problem nylon strings - is something that they, unlike the steel strings broken, not the first and the fourth string. Yes, yes, it was fourth string. But about that later. First, let's see, what is a nylon string.

I think everyone realizes "saudepovskuyu" guitar, it is not clear-orange color with steel strings. And do not even understand it keeps the system or not. Often seven-stringed guitar made six-string. That's about guitars and looked out of the USSR. Modern guitars have to do better, these guitars are much more pleasant sound. And, as a rule, the classic six-string guitar put nylon strings. I think everyone has seen them, but did not know that it is nylon. Remember how you asked yourself the question - "Why the guitar strung fishing line?". Remembered? Well, it had nylon strings. Indeed the first three strings are often similar to a white nylon fishing line. (It happens, and black nylon.) And the fourth, fifth and sixth consist of a large number of thin nylon filaments wrapped with wire. A fourth very thin wire, and a sixth is very thick.

Now directly to the case. The fact that the fourth nylon cord wrapped very thin wire and is a major problem. If the guitar is often enough to play somewhere and a half weeks you will see that the winding is erased and subsequently string bursts. It's not very pleasant. Not who do not want to change strings every month.

I want to give you some advice. If you want your fourth nylon strings will serve you longer, then after you will see that the coil starts to blur, then twisted string on pegs and pull it to lower thresholds, so as to allow the grinding of the winding has to fret, but between the frets, ie . grind to a string already in another place. Such actions can be performed several times until, finally, the fourth nylon strings do not break. But I assure you, it helps the strings to serve you in two or even three times longer.