Friday, February 13, 2009

Classical guitar

Dear friend, you already know something about the guitar, such as the history of its creation. But for the completion of familiarization with the basics of the guitar need to understand what does all the same it is. In this article I will tell you about the structure of the classical six-string guitar.

Those who do not represent the structure of the guitar say that it consists of a box is attached to a stick, a stick along the stretched string. Yes indeed at first glance it well, I think. But you people are educated, beduyuschie musicians need to know and call it right. So get down to study.

If you look at the image of the guitar which is above, then easily mastered all the information which is given below.

The guitar consists of an upper deck (5), located beneath the lower deck, it is not visible in the figure, the upper and lower deck connected shell (1), located on the upper deck stand (6) to which the strings are attached (2), also at the top deck located socket (7); to the body of the guitar attached Grief (8); on the neck are splitting (9), the heel vulture (3), head of vulture (10), and pegs or Kolkova system (4). To maintain the strings at the same height on the neck is upper threshold of (11), but on a stand lower threshold of (12).

I think if you look into this story, along with the reduced image, you can easily remember what constitutes guitar.

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